All the best Dilwyn, love from Morris & Co. on earth

With Cymru III on the last few orbits before turning nose-ward for the surface of Jupiter’s moon, Europa, we’re all very excited here at WASA Towers.  None more so than our in-house car-parking space measurement executive, Morris Spoon.  Seen here giving Dilwyn, Meg and the mission a big thumbs up before heading off up the big wooden hills to bed.

Morris wears eye protection to sleep on account of the relative fecundity and abundance of insects and other wildlife in his attic bedroom.  He can be seen here wearing the special commerative tee-shirt Mamgu knitted for his birthday.  And of course, his bedtime Bovril.

Naturally, this being a first for Welsh Aeronautical and Space something beginning with A, we’re all on tenterhooks as the relative distance between our craft, Cymru III and Europa’s icy surface decreases towards zero. We’re also quite worried about the alarming speed at which the twain shall meet. But we’re modestly optimistic they can make it to the surface in a low number of pieces.  But if not, Uncle Rhodri has baggsied Dilwyn’s car.

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