Catch up

And now, the main points of the news again…

After a ridiculous amount of time traversing the solar system, Dilwyn Griffiths and Megan landed on Callisto in Cymru III craft.

They hung around a while.  And, frankly, made a mess.

Dilwyn accidentally pulled on the take-off cord and blasted them on their way to another moon near Jupiter – Europa.

They discover new moons along the way.

They crash on Europa.

They meet an important member of an alien civilisation.

They casserole him.

The aliens get nowty* and demand we send them Susan Boyle and others to make amends otherwise they’ll invade earth.

Uncle Rhodri wins £46 on the horses.


 nowty: [adj] moody, sullen and badtempered, prone to moodswings.

      he’s a right nowty git that Alex Ferguson


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