The Big Match

wrexham1 buryfc

Saturday 15th March 2008

A momentous day in the history of British football.

Slugging it out in the rain at the foot of League 2 were two mini-goliaths of the game - Wrexham and Bury :- winner takes all, red versus blue, good versus evil, Persil versus Ariel Automatic etc. And sponsoring the whole event were us, the Welsh Space Agency. Guest of honour, thanks to some nifty fax machine adaptation by our boffins, was Dilwyn himself - none the worse for being squeezed down wires and into the ether before popping out the paper tray of our Cerrigydrudion-based fax machine.

History will record that Brian Little's glorious mud-spattered warriors tucked their chances away whilst the vanquished Bury lot didn't.

Catch up

And now, the main points of the news again…

After a ridiculous amount of time traversing the solar system, Dilwyn Griffiths and Megan landed on Callisto in Cymru III craft.

They hung around a while.  And, frankly, made a mess.

Dilwyn accidentally pulled on the take-off cord and blasted them on their way to another moon near Jupiter – Europa.

They discover new moons along the way.

They crash on Europa.

They meet an important member of an alien civilisation.

They casserole him.

The aliens get nowty* and demand we send them Susan Boyle and others to make amends otherwise they’ll invade earth.

Uncle Rhodri wins £46 on the horses.


 nowty: [adj] moody, sullen and badtempered, prone to moodswings.

      he’s a right nowty git that Alex Ferguson