He’s Back ! Dilwyn returns to base

Dilwyn returns from walkabout on Europa - a little unsteady on his feet."
Dilwyn returns from walkabout on Europa – a little unsteady on his feet.”

Almost unbelievable.  But this is the longest duration ever that an astronaut has wandered off on a reconnaissance expedition on an alien world only to be completely forgotten about by his ground crew.  Last March we watched as Dilwyn disappeared over the horizon on Jupiter’s moon, Europa.  We did try to locate him, at first, but then things just seemed to get in the way…  Uncle Rhodri had a really good win on the horses, Mamgu got her new shopmobility scooter thing, Myfanwy* went on heat and we all had a really good laugh at the World Cup.

He seemed a little unsteady on his feet when he got back.  But that’s hardly surprising when you consider his arduous trek.  Otherwise though, he does appear to be none the worse for his circumnavigation effort.  In fact, it looks like he might have put on a couple of pounds.

And that bottle of Monty’s Sunshine certainly wasn’t in the ship’s manifesto for Cymru III so his foraging trip couldn’t have been without success.  We’re not entirely sure what he took with him in his carrier bag when he left, but we doubt it could have been enough to sustain him for this length of time.

Anyway, he seemed to need a bit of a lie down when he got back.  We’ll debrief him proper when he gets up.

*Myfanwy is Dilwyn’s ex

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