Jupiter in close up

A close up view of Jupiter from its moon EuropaSince Welsh spacecraft Cymru III crash-landed on Jupiter’s frigid moon Europa, cymrunaut Dilwyn Griffiths and his (quite nasty) dog Megan have been on the ultimate fight for survival.

Luckily, the intelligent alien lifeforms they encountered there are fairly easy to catch and despite their spacey metallic taste are providing our intrepid pair with sufficient nutrition to stave off the worst of their predicament.

As if to prove that the entire mission wasn’t a complete fiasco, Dilwyn retrieved the WASA space telescope from the wreckage. And being at this ideal vantage point for observing the mysterious parent planet he realised this was an opportunity too good for science to miss.

This photo taken shortly after periapsis shows in breathtaking close-up the intense weather systems that form swirling coloured bands high in the atmosphere of this gas giant planet. Just rotated into view slightly beneath the equatorial belt you can see the fabled Great Red Spot which shows at about 22° S latitude.

Meanwhile, the WASA mission inspectorate has given the go-ahead for a rescue mission. Presently, our engineers are welding up all but one of the windows of an old Crosville Wales bus. Once the gas-tight seals have been fitted, the drum ‘n bass funk-engines fitted and somebody manages to find the pilot Berwyn Griffiths (Dil’s brother) then we’ll be off.

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