Megan’s continuing digestive discomfort

Graph showing Charles' law verses Megans eggy pong
Graph showing Charles’ law verses Megans eggy pong

Ever since Megan dined on Dilwyn’s septically gouty big toe, (see recent post) her digestion has been all to pot.  Not to put too fine a point on it, she’s been letting off.  Rather badly.  So badly in fact that the accumulated gastric gas has started to affect the onboard instrumentation and has caused the plexi-glass windows to cloud over and some of the zinc plating to crack and flake off the inside of the ship.  Not to mention putting Dilwyn off his pot noodles which have acquired a nasty tang.

The solution, once again, was a scientific one.  We applied Charles’s Law to the problem.  Which states :

“At constant pressure, the volume of a given mass of an ideal gas increases or decreases by the same factor as its temperature on the absolute temperature scale (i.e. the gas contracts as the temperature reduces).”

So, with that in mind we set about reducing the temperature inside Cymru III as close as we could get towards absolute zero.  Dilwyn put his hat and coat on and opened the door to let the parkyness in from the deep space outside.  This succeeded in getting the temperature down to -272°C (1° Kelvin) but when Dilwyn took the peg off his nose he still got a whiff of Megan’s flatulence.  But once he’d opened the fridge door for ten minutes, the thermometer finally registered absolute zero, -273°C or 0°K. Unfortunately, no sooner had Dilwyn shut the fridge and the outside door and got the place warmed up again when Megan went behind the space-sofa and did a right messy one.

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