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Official Welsh Space Agency Commemorative Hats

That's right. We said "Official". Because these are the only hats on sale anywhere in the world that are properly endorsed by Ffranc Ff. Ffestiniog - our senior WASA hat endorsing executive. Not only that, but each and every one of these hats has been blessed, personally, by the leaders of all the world's major religions.*1

They are spun from pure Thinsulate, which is the product of a special type of worm which lives only in Wales and has excellent thermal properties as well as providing a measure of protection against cosmic rays - see illustration below.

All embroidery has been done by the tiny hands of magical pixies and elves and child sweatshop labour. And we're knocking them out at a magical mystery cosmologically protected price of just £9.99*2 - which is a quid less than we paid for the damn things. So if you've got any sense you'll buy the lot off us and sell us them all back again. Anyway, this price is fully inclusive of special postage stamps which you can save in your philately album and will probably be worth a fortune when you're dead.

*Not 100% confirmed yet
*Postage free within the UK (except Basingstoke)

Modelled here by our very own Morris Spoon, these WASA hats are spun from finest Thinsulate stuff and the logo itself is embroidered, magically, overnight by elves.


And if all that wasn't enough. Scientific proof that wearing WASA hats can relieve abdominal discomfort.


Morris Spoon wearing inferior headgear, such as this Tranmere Rovers hat, finds he has very little protection against cosmic radiation. Clearly suffering with mild constipation and an inabliltiy to remember shopping lists.


Look at this! Not only are those cosmic rays bouncing off Morris's hat, they have even left him with slight delusions of self-worth. Watch out Olwen behind the bar in the White Lion!

Celebrities in WASA Hats…

Sir Benjamin Spoon BEM, is the great great great Grandfather of our very own Morris Spoon. Sir Benjamin died in 1870 but still likes to be seen at the odd football match. And always sports a fine WASA hat #2.

Prime Minister of the Blackley Fishing Club, Dafydd Afedd Dwr seen here in the holy lands near Cerrigydrudion also sporting a number 2. Since he started wearing this hat, Dafydd has caught more fish than any other members of his club.
And they're all <---- this big ---->

Artists impression of what Rhys Ifans would look like if he got himself a proper WASA hat instead of the counterfeit one he's been seen out in. For God's* sake, somebody buy him one. Talk about fashion faux-pas!
* God, Allah, Buddha, Shiva, Odin, Waheguru, Harry Krishner, Mickey Thomas etc...