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As there's only about 309* days to go until Christmas ( or around 674 until the one after that). Why not use that time to continuously click the "Add to Basket" button to order mug after mug of refreshing Welsh Space Tea for everyone you know.

Your Christmas tree could look as splendid as ours with a WASA mug underneath it.

* We did this on a Wednesday when there actually was 309 days to go.


The WASA Christmas tree

Here are some of our satisfied cup of tea owners…

Captain Stoddart E. Schmelmhausen enjoys a cup of Welsh tea on the flightdeck of his CyrmuAir Jet.
Captain Stoddart E. Schmelmhausen enjoys a cup of Welsh tea on the flightdeck of his CyrmuAir Jet.






"I've had this cup of tea stewing for over 3 months now and it hasn't let me down once."
Cpt S.E. Schmelmhausen, 39,000 ft

Morris Spoon is not known for his joyful countenance.
Here though, he has won a bottle of bubblebath, a toilet-roll cover and a meat voucher for £25 in the British Legion raffle.
But look! Unbridled joy as Morris receives a cup of tea in a Welsh Space Agency mug as reward for 25 years of service to car parking space measurement.


Get a free WASA pen with every order of either a mug or a patch. Or a mug and a patch, or patch, then mug.

These delicious bio-degradable WASA pens are guaranteed to float around*1 and may well help you become more proficient at number puzzles*2, Sodukos and ear-picking.

They're green, made from corn-starch and you can eat them in times of crisis.

*1 floating around requires reduced gravity
*2 puzzle proficiency may not happen
* Once these nice pens have run out, we might have to send other ones with welshspaceagency writing on instead.

** actually they nearly have run out, and the ones we have got are bio-degrading and don't work very well.  We aim to please.

*** Look!  Don't buy a mug just to get a pen.  We might not have any.  Or you might get a Telegraph Pole Appreciation Society pencil or something.  There.

WASA pen and patch