“Blindly going where no-one could be bothered going before”


The Welsh Space Agency was set up in 1985 with the intention of exploring new frontiers and retrieve mineral wealth from earth’s near neighbour planets and moons. Three days later, and completely unfettered by the constraints of budgets and proper engineering excellence, we sent our first manned craft to the dark side of the moon.

Since then we have sent many fine Welsh astronauts (cymrunauts) to certain death in our pursuit of space wealth beyond our wildest dreams.


Cymru 3 on the launchpad at Cerrigydrudion

Cymru 3 on the launchpad at Cerrigydrudion

Current Mission :

Launch Date:

15th January 1987

Mission End:

31st March 2013 (or forever, whichever is the later)

Launch Vehicle:

Cymru III


(1) Dilwyn Griffiths (gofodwr) and a dog

Mission Phase:

Europa having left Callisto by accident


Space crewman Dilwyn Griffiths
Space crewman Megan

Space Crew of Cymru III, Dilwyn & Meg

Launched in 1987, Cymru III is arguably our most ambitious, if under-invested, mission. Cymrunaut Dilwyn Griffiths and his faithful, if useless hound, Megan will attempt a tricky landing manoevre onto the surface of Jupiter’s moon, Callisto. Once there, they will embark upon a mineral and gemstone recovery process. Then we will find out if we should have heeded all the advice regarding the return to earth when we attempt to bring them and their precious cargo home again.

Mission Latest :

On April 2nd this year In a surprising manoeuvre, Cymru III blasted off from Callisto. It is now headed directly for Europa where Dilwyn and his assistant, Megan hope to have better luck at finding space wealth. Meanwhile, they made 2 amazing discoveries.

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A selection of photos from the Cymru III Photo Gallery

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A last look back at earth from space

A last look home from some 38,000 km away.An unusually clear day on earth – you can even make out the equator.
A newly discovered moon of Jupiter, named Myfanwy

37 hours after leaving Callisto, Dilwyn took this photo out the window of Cymru III – Amazingly, a new moon of Jupiter so far missed by everyone. Cymru III passed within 1,800km at closest approach. We have called this new moon, Myfanwy.

Pictures from Callisto

Surface of Callisto from 450km altitude

After orbit insertion. Altitude 450 km. Smallest resolution, 18m +/- 1m.
Impact crater on Callisto from 420km altitude

Altitude 420 km. Impact crater showing complete erosion. Crater diam. approx. 6 km.