Dilwyn and Megan through the space telescope heading in wrong direction
Dilwyn and Megan through the space telescope heading in wrong direction

When last we looked, Dilwyn & Megan had set off into the vast frozen landscape of Jupiter’s moon, Europa, in the search of food and drink – more specifically, beer and pork-scratchings.
But becoming concerned now for the whereabouts of our space crew, we dusted down the WASA refractor telescope which we keep by the skips at the back of “Cig y Llan” butcher’s shop to have a look for them.  And after much scouring of the planet’s surface, at maximum zoomification, we finally spotted them.  Dilwyn with a bag full of something and Megan traipsing alongside.  Unfortunately, both clearly heading in the wrong direction.
We have no means of communication with them and so are thinking about launching a rescue mission.  Megan is a very capable Second in Command of a Welsh spaceship, and could easily have been promoted ahead of her human counterpart. And 2IC of an interplanetary spaceship for a mongrel sheepdog is not bad going, when you consider that Lassie only ever got to be in charge of a submarine (“Lassie nukes the Russkies” MGM films, 1965 and also  “For Christ’s sake Lassie, stop bloody barking”, 1968 and “Why didn’t you go when you were outside, Lassie?” 1969).

But really, we want Megan back here on earth.  Her instinct for herding sheep is still pretty much intact and we can get £75 a pup were we to breed from her.  She just needs to lose her taste for sheep throats and we’ll be quids in.

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